Is it just me, or is everybody obsessed with keeping their bathrooms clean? I’m not just talking about the level of cleaning that is a given in any household, but the level of clean that is borderline psychotic. If you’re like me, then every so often, your bathroom needs some serious TLC. The thought of soap scum, grime and mildew building up over time is what irks us to the point of using tools and techniques to transform our dirty bathrooms into a sparkling oasis of germ-free cleanliness. Also, we’re always on the hunt on better ways to clean bathrooms – and since you’re here, let’s explore these tips and tricks to achieving a deep clean, including the use of an electric spin scrubber. Read on!

Assess the Situation

The first tip might sound old and run-down but let me tell you, it will always benefit us to assess the situation! Before diving into the deep clean, take a second to identify areas that require the most attention such as the grout, shower doors and faucet fixtures. This will allow us to arrange things according to priority and make efficient use of our time in the bathroom. Overall, it also ensures that no area gets overlooked so you don’t go to bed that night wondering what you missed!

Gather Your Supplies

Next, gather your supplies. Look at your list and jot down the items you need in order to achieve them. While you do that, here are some basic tools you need to have in your arsenal:

  1. All-purpose cleaner
  2. Bathroom cleaner
  3. Glass cleaner
  4. Toilet bowl cleaner
  5. Scrub brushes (including an electric spin scrubber if available)
  6. Microfiber cloths
  7. Sponge or scrubbing pad
  8. Gloves
  9. Protective eyewear (optional)

The list may look like an insignificant piece of paper but it will help you streamline the cleaning process and prevent interruptions in your cleaning sesh!

Start at the Top

With your list and tools in hand, the next best thing to do is to start from the top! No – literally. Start from the top by dusting off the light fixtures and wiping down the vents. Basically, you need to clean those in the high surfaces with a microfibre cloth or duster as this helps prevent dust and debris from falling onto the freshly cleaned areas below!

Clean Surfaces

Now, onto the meat of the bathroom cleaning session! That’s to focus on cleaning the surfaces. These are your countertops, sinks and vanities. As these take up the biggest areas of your bathroom, it’s efficient to clean them with an all-purpose cleaner with a new microfibre cloth. In case there are stubborn stains – or worse, soap scum buildup, then applying a bathroom cleaning solution for a few minutes will allow you to scrub it off with a sponge or an electric spin scrubber.

Tackle the Shower and Tub

As you’re about to reach the finish line, it’s time to tackle the shower and tub. These are the dirtiest areas of the bathroom so they require so much love! Before you start at the top, spray these with bathroom cleaner, let it sit for a few minutes to let it penetrate through the grime as you work around the rest of the bathroom. Then, when you get there, you can scrub the shower and tub down with a regular scrubbing tool or an electric spin scrubber to save some time!

Enter the Electric Spin Scrubber

You might have noticed the entrance of the electric spin scrubber, and I share this with reason. In the realm of bathroom cleaning, this is heavy artillery. With eight versatile brush heads, it’s capable of deep cleaning different types of surfaces. Along with its two different speed levels, you can even customize how intense the scrubbing could go. Not to mention that its retractable handle allows you to reach hard-to-reach places without breaking your back.

With all of its features, the electric spin scrubber might seem intimidating to use but I assure you that it’s the exact opposite! In fact, you can simply choose your preferred brush head, attach it to the handle and then push the appropriate buttons to choose your desired speed before starting! As the electric spin scrubber moves, apply gentle pressure onto the surface and move in circular motions – especially in the tub and shower. The electric scrubber will effectively loosen dirt and grime and give you a clean and shine that is Pinterest-worthy!

Rinse and Repeat

Last but not the least, rinse and repeat. One round of scrubbing will never be enough so it’s best to rinse the surfaces with water to remove any remaining cleaner and debris, and then give it a second (or even third) round.

While these tips and tricks are simple and easy to build into a routine, there are smaller, more important tips that you need to remember in order to make certain that every inch of your bathroom is clean:

Focus on Fixtures

Always focus on the fixtures. It’s an overlooked area since we’re all operating under the assumption that it’s just hanging there, and no one uses it. On the contrary, as it hangs there, it collects dust. It’s better to be safe than sorry and wipe these fixtures down with glass cleaner and a microfibre cloth.

Address the Toilet

Next, never forget about the toilet as it is also on par with the shower and tub as the driest areas of the bathroom so suck it up, apply toilet bowl cleaner and let it sit for several minutes to break down the stains and bacteria before using a toilet brush to push it all away.

Finishing Touches

To top it all off, replace towels and bath mats with new ones, and replace old decorative furniture with fresh ones too. You’ve done a good job so take a second to admire all your hard work too!


A deep clean doesn't have to be a daunting task, especially when armed with the right tips, tricks, and tools. By following these simple steps, you can achieve professional-quality results in your bathroom with well-planned effort. Say goodbye to grime and hello to a sparkling clean oasis you'll be proud to show off!

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