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Dovety Multi-Function 9-in-1 Cleaning Brush

Dovety 9 in 1 Multifunctional Electric Spin Scrubber

$39.99 USD $65.99


Do you love a clean clean home but hate scrubbing again and again? Electric Spin Scrubbers are designed specifically to make cleaning so easy, it becomes fun! With a powerful motor, multiple attachable heads and sponges, and retractable handles, our Electric Spin Scrubbers will make quick work of the gunk and mess crowding around the corners of your home. So say goodbye to aching fingers, wrists, and knees. You won’t have to stoop, get on all fours, or twist yourself awkwardly to try to clean behind the toilet. With our Electric Spin Scrubbers, you’ll be able to clean with comfort, safety, and efficiency!