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Q1: How to change brush heads? / Brush head is difficult to disassemble and assemble / Falling off

(1) When replacing the brush head, please make sure the product is turned off, and keep your fingers away from the power switch to avoid any safety hazards caused by accidentally turning on the switch during disassembly and assembly.

(2) Hold the brush head with your hand and pull it out vertically. If the brush head is tightly assembled, gently sway it from side to side while pulling it out. This will make it easier to remove.

(3) When replacing and installing the brush head, align the semicircular groove of the brush head with the protrusion on the brush head connector, and install it vertically. Be sure to install the brush head all the way to the bottom to effectively prevent the brush head from falling off during rotation.

Q2: The device is unable to charge, and the charging indicator light does not illuminate.

(1) The machine comes with its own charger and charging cable, we recommend using the original charger and cable.

(2) When you plug it in, keep an eye on the charging indicator light. It should light up normally, and it usually takes about 3-4 hours to fully charge.

(3) If you plug it in and the light doesn't come on, double-check that everything is connected properly.

(4) If everything looks good but it's still not charging, try using a different adapter and charging cable. Make sure the adapter is rated for 5V 1A.

(5) If you've tried all that and it's still not working, get in touch with our customer service team for further assistance.

Q3: The device has a short battery life; it runs out of power in just a few minutes.

(1) We recommend charging the device before use.

(2) When cleaning objects, please try to avoid prolonged pressure on the brush head and the object being cleaned. Prolonged pressure can increase power consumption, cause the device to heat up, and potentially damage the motor.

(3) To protect the motor of the device, we have implemented safeguards against overloading the cleaning brush. If the brush head is pressed too tightly against the object being cleaned and the motor cannot rotate, the device will automatically shut down to prevent further operation. This is not a result of rapid battery depletion or a malfunction of the device; it is a protective measure! Simply turn the device back on using the switch to restore normal operation. (Note: Try to avoid triggering overload situations frequently during use.)

Q4: The handle cannot be secured, and it is too short to extend.

(1) Inside the packaging box, there are two extension rods, and the first rod connected to the cleaning brush is extendable.

(2) First, twist the lock buckle of the rod to "ON", then pull out the rod connected to the cleaning brush, extend the rod along the direction of the "OFF" mark until it cannot rotate, then twist the lock buckle to "OFF", finally connect the extension rod to the cleaning brush head.

(3) When it is necessary to shorten the connecting rod, first twist the lock buckle of the rod to "ON", loosen the extended part of the rod along the "ON" direction, then press the extended part back, then rotate it along the "OFF" mark until it cannot rotate, and then twist the lock buckle to "OFF".

(4) If the rod retracts during use, please refer to steps 2 and 3.

Q5: Maintenance &waterproofing concerns Impact on waterproofing:

(1) Before use, please check if the waterproof seal of the charging port is intact. If not, seal it before starting the cleaning operation.

(2) Do not use steel wire, abrasive cleaners, or corrosive liquids (such as gasoline or acetone) to clean the brush head and the surface of the device, as this can affect the airtightness of the machine.

(3) Do not use water hotter than 60°C to clean the brush head and the product, as this can affect the airtightness of the machine.


(1) The machine supports daily waterproof use but does not support immersion. You can rinse the brush head with a tap, but do not immerse the entire machine in water for cleaning.

(2) After cleaning, we strongly recommend shaking the machine a few times and wiping it dry with a cloth. Then, place the machine in a ventilated area to air dry.

(3) If the brush head is used with a cleaning agent, please clean the brush head thoroughly after use and place it in a ventilated area to dry. It is not recommended to dry it in the sun, as inadequate cleaning may affect the lifespan of the bristles.