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Don’t panic! You’re safe here. This is a space where you can find everything about cleaning, and even engage with other readers here about the latest tips, tricks and hacks to keep your home spick and span in less time than you usually take.

Today’s going to have a different flavor though, because there’s heated discourse between us about what’s the better brush? Is it the electric spin scrubber or the drill brush? 

Before you pop off in the comments, why don’t we take a step back and remind ourselves what these brushes are, their function, their features, and how they can help you when cleaning.

What is an Electric Spin Scrubber?


Dovety defines an electric spin scrubber as a cleaning device that has a detachable head, retractable handle and powerful battery life. The detachable head allows users to invest in various brush heads to tackle different stains, dirt and grime. Its retractable handle allows users to reach near and far areas within the home or office and its powerful battery life allows users to clean without worrying over whether their brush is going to die halfway through.

What is a Drill Brush?

DrillBrush defines its own product as a cleaning attachment for your cordless drill. If users have a cordless drill sitting at the shelf in their garage, then they’re able to buy compatible brush attachments to diversify the use of the drill towards cleaning surfaces and hard-to-clean areas of the home.

What is the Difference between the Electric Spin Scrubber and the Drill Brush?

On the surface, both of these brushes look and operate the same way. On the contrary, there are a few key differences between and electric spin scrubber and a drill brush, and they are:


Electric Spin Scrubber: As mentioned, an electric spin scrubber usually comes as a handheld device with a long handle and a spinning, detachable scrubbing head. Various brush attachments are made to complement this device and give users the capability to tackle different types of stains, dirt and grime away from surfaces around the home and office.

Drill Brush: On the other hand, a drill brush is technically a brush attachment alone, meant to be added onto a drill that users already have in their homes. This brush attachment is made with bristles of varying stiffness and sizes – allowing users to do a similar thing as the electric spin scrubber but lack the control over how powerful the brush scrubs over stains and surfaces.

Power Source:

Electric Spin Scrubber: Like its namesake, an electric spin scrubber is powered by electricity, usually through a rechargeable battery for cordless operation.

Drill Brush: Meanwhile, a drill brush does not have its own power source and must rely on the one provided by the drill in order to be operational.

Intended Use:

Electric Spin Scrubber: They’re specifically designed for household cleaning tasks and therefore consider all the needs of a homeowner and address them through its features. Such cleaning tasks are cleaning the bathroom and kitchen such as tiles, grout, sinks, bathtubs and countertops, which are addressed by the retractable handle and the soft and hard brush attachments that make it easy to clean without excessive effort.

Drill Brush: On the flipside, a drill brush can also be used for a variety of cleaning tasks but they’re not specifically made for cleaning tasks and therefore the make and function make it challenging to maneuver as compared to the electric spin scrubber.

Quick Comparisons between an Electric Spin Scrubber and a Drill Brush

In case you need a quick yet enlightening way to know more about these devices, their differences, their functions and their purpose, then here’s a comparison chart for you:




Electric Spin Scrubber



Drill Brush



A handheld device with a long handle and a spinning scrub head. Comes in various brush attachments.

A shaft brush attachment designed to plug into an existing power drill.

Power Source

Rechargeable battery for cordless operation.

No independent power source.

Intended Use

For household cleaning tasks, especially bathroom and kitchen surfaces, tiles, grout, sinks, bathtubs, and countertops.

For household cleaning tasks and other types of cleaning tasks such as automotive detailing and outdoor cleaning.

Ease of Use

Easy to reach and clean hard-to-reach areas without excessive effort through its long handle.

Requires attachment to a power drill, which may not be as easy to maneuver towards hard-to-reach areas.


Focused on household cleaning tasks but can handle a wide range of surfaces and grime types.

Has a more general approach to cleaning because it includes the household, automotive and outdoor.

Cleaning Performance

Offers effective and efficient cleaning through its spinning motor and multiple brush attachments.

Relies on the power of the attached power drill which may vary depending on the drill's capabilities.


Lightweight and cordless design allows for easy maneuverability around the home and without being plugged to a nearby power outlet.

Requires access to a power drill and may have limitations on portability based on the availability of power sources.


Easy to maintain with detachable brush heads that can be cleaned and replaced as needed.

Minimal maintenance required for the brush attachment itself, but users must ensure compatibility and longevity of their power drill.

Overall Cleaning Device


Offers ease of use, versatility, and consistent performance for household cleaning tasks.


Offers versatility for various cleaning applications but may not offer the same level of convenience or ease of use.


Pros and Cons between an Electric Spin Scrubber and Drill Brush

Just when you think we’re done giving you the run-down between an electric spin scrubber and a drill brush, we’re here to let you know that both of them are not perfect – they have their pros and cons which we’ll show right here:

Electric Spin Scrubber


Efficient Cleaning: What do you get after combining the spinning action of the brush and the power of the motor? Thorough and efficient cleaning!

1. Versatility: Like a video game, the electric spin scrubber has a treasure trove of tools, a.k.a brush heads that make it easy to clean various surfaces.

2. Ease of Use: Imagine being able to clean an entire house without feeling extremely exhausted after? That’s because of the electric spin scrubber’s ergonomic design – making it easy to reach those hard-to-reach areas.

3. Cordless Operation: Electric Spin Scrubbers are powered by a rechargeable battery, allowing users to experience a cordless cleaning session around the home.

4. Time-Saving: It also saves time by doing the hard work for you through its motorized scrubbing action that helps speed up the process!


1. Battery Life: Older models of the electric spin scrubber may have a limited battery life and may interrupt cleaning sessions.

2. Initial Cost: Because of its many features, it can be costly at the start but overtime, users will take advantage of a good return-of-investment.

3. Maintenance: Users need to regularly clean and replace brush attachments in order to keep them performing at their best.

4. Limited Power: Their power may not be as high as compared to power drills, so it limits their effectiveness on tough or stubborn stains.

    Drill Brush


    1. High Power: Drill brushes benefit from the high speed and torque of the drill motor, making them effective for tackling tough stains and grime as compared to the electric spin scrubber.

    2. Versatility: They can be used for various cleaning tasks beyond household cleaning, such as automotive detailing and outdoor cleaning.

    3. Compatibility: They are compatible with most standard power drills, making it easy for users to leverage the power of their existing tools at home.

    4. Cost-Effective: Often more affordable than electric spin scrubbers, making them an economical choice for those on a budget.


      1. Requires Power Drill: Users need access to a power drill which may not be convenient for those who don’t own a drill.

      2. Limited Maneuverability: The design may be less suitable for reaching tight, awkward or far spaces.

      3. Noise and Vibration: Using a power drill can generate noise and vibration, which may be disruptive or uncomfortable for some users.

      4. Risk of Damage: The high power of the drill motor combined with the stiffness of the brush bristles may pose a risk of damaging delicate surfaces if not careful.

        How does an Electric Spin Scrubber and a Drill Brush Work?


        It may be hard to imagine the differences between an electric spin scrubber and a drill brush through words alone so it’s best to simply show users how they work:

        Electric Spin Scrubber


        Drill Brush



        The discourse may be far from over, but at least at the end of this article, you would have learned how an electric spin scrubber and drill brush can fix (or ruin) your life in terms of maintaining a super clean home! Let us know which one you’d prefer to use in the comments below!

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